Friday, April 27, 2007

c.vim for VIM : C/C++ -IDE

created by
Fritz Mehner

** Statement oriented editing of C / C++ programs
** Speed up writing new code considerably.
** Write code und comments with a professional appearance from the beginning.
** Use code snippets

- insertion of various types of comments (file prologue, function descriptions, file section headers
keyword comments, date, time, ... )
- insertion of empty control statements (if-else, while, do-while, switch, ... )
- insertion of various preprocessor directives
- insertion of C-idioms (enum+typedef, loops, complete main, empty function, file open dialogs, ... )
- insertion of C++ -idioms ( frames for simple classes and template classes, try-catch blocks, file open dialogs, output manipulators, ios flags, ... )
- use and organize your own collection of code snippets
- compile / link / run support for one-file projects (without a makefile)
- run buffer through splint
- personalization of comments (name, email, ... )
- menus can be switched on and off (Tools menu)

Here are some screen shots :

The help file online :

This plugin comes with a help file (csupport.txt). Read it with

:h csupport

install details
Copy the zip archive to $HOME/.vim/ and run
If you have already an older version of this plugin and you have modified the template files you may want to save your templates first or copy the files from the
archive by hand. See also the file README.csupport within the zip file.