Saturday, April 28, 2007

Basic vi Commands

Edit Commands
Text Object Change Delete Copy
1 word cw dw yw

2 words, not counting punctuation

2cW or c2W 2dW or d2W 2yW or y2W
3 words back 3cb or c3b 3db or d3b 3yb or y3b
1 line cc dd yy or Y
To end of line c$ or C d$ or D y$
To beginning of line c0 d0 y0
Single character r x or X yl or yh
Five characters 5s 5x 5yl

Movement Commands
<-,-v,-^, " src="../chars/rarr.gif">

h, j, k, l

To first character of next line +
To first character of previous line -
To end of word e or E
Forward by word w or W
Backward by word b or B
To end of line $
To beginning of line 0

Other Operations
Operations Commands
Place text from buffer P or p
Start vi, open file if specified vi file
Save edits, quit file ZZ
No saving of edits, quit file :q!

Text Creation and Manipulation Commands
Editing Action Command
Insert text at current position i
Insert text at beginning of line I
Append text at current position a
Append text at beginning of line A
Open new line below cursor for new text o
Open new line above cursor for new text O
Delete line and substitute text S
Overstrike existing characters with new text R
Join current and next line J
Toggle case ~
Repeat last action .
Undo last change u
Restore line to original state U